Milestones and moving ahead

A year ago, Richard and I walked through the door of 60 S. Main Street for the first time with our friend and general contractor, Jim Terrill. It was starting to get dark and the building had no electrical service, so we rather quickly walked through the place, shining a flashlight into the darker corners.

It was a jumble of sad-looking little rooms stuffed with a lot of random furniture, books and junk. Empty since Dewar’s Insty Prints closed in 2008, it hadn’t fared well over the years. And still … the location was right, Jim said the fundamentals of the building were good and, for lack of a better explanation, it just felt like the place for Lark.

That evening also happened to be our wedding anniversary. After touring the building, we ate dinner in the outdoor courtyard of one of our favorite restaurants. We did a poor job of containing our excitement. It was a gorgeous, warm September night with a light breeze and we lingered over our dinner, excited that we were finally taking the decisive move that meant no turning back on pursuing a dream.

A year later, we sat in the dining room of Lark on our anniversary and had our first dinner together as guests. It was more than a little surreal to look around at the bustling dining room and watch the staff who has now been with us for a couple months. I can’t say it was restful as we noticed the things we can do better as well as all that we’ve accomplished in a year’s time.

That’s the case every time we walk through the doors. As we enter our third month in existence, we know we still have a lot of work to do to consistently provide the excellent experience our guests expect. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and provided the constructive criticism we need to improve. Lark is, and always will be, a work in progress.

Next week, we will begin offering our fall menu, which features many of the dishes people have said they like best as well as some new dishes that highlight the best of the season. Our team has put a lot of thought (and love) into the updated food and cocktail menu. I’m excited about continually evolving what we do, making it better and hopefully giving you another reason to visit.

Realizing a dream usually means the work has just begun. But as Richard and I sat in the dining room Wednesday night, the work seemed so very worth it.