At Lark, our focus is on seasonally driven dishes made with locally sourced ingredients that reflect the wide influences that drive American cuisine from burgers to ramen, tacos to pasta ... and inventive spins on your favorites. 

Lark's bar features classic and original craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients and artisan spirits. We also offer a variety of thoughtfully selected craft beers and wines by the glass and bottle. 

Thank you for sharing this adventure (or lark) with us.

Richard & Joan Neeno


Lead Staff

Richard and Joan Neeno

Richard Neeno
General Manager

Billy Burg
Beverage Manager

Chase Williams
Executive Chef

Olivia Eckert
Sous Chef

Kenny LaMendola
Brunch Chef

Joan Neeno
Marketing  Manager




What does Lark mean? It's a bird ... and happiness

Larks are songbirds and symbols of happiness. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Happy as a lark"? Going on a lark means having a fun adventure. A group of larks is called an exultation because of their joyful song. 

We thought it was time to add some adventure and joy to the local dining scene. That's what Lark is all about. It's comforting to know your favorites are on the menu, but it's fun to try new things. That's why we're focusing on offering a variety of small plates that you can share as a table. Typically, two to three small plates per person will make for a great meal. While some of the most popular dishes are staples, most of the menu changes seasonally as ingredients and appetites shift. 

That same seasonal approach applies to our cocktail, beer and wine list. While you might not recognize all the spirits behind the bar or the wines and beers on our menu, they have been carefully selected for their high quality. So let us help you try something new and, most importantly, have fun.